South Alabama Roof Repair Specialists

In an industry where almost everyone wants to sell new roofs, at Roof Savers we assess your roof to see what it needs. If it makes sense to save, repair, and extend the life of the roof you have, it’s what we do. 

You already invested in your roof, so why not see if we can save it? Since we understand how long roofs last and the costs involved in both repairs and replacements, we can accurately predict what option will work best for you and your roof.

Some cases where repairs make more sense than replacing the roof include:

Minor Damage

If the damage to your roof is not widespread and the rest of the roof is in good shape, it is likely better to make repairs and save yourself from the expense of an unneeded replacement.

Time is Not on Your Side

Roof damage can be sudden and often demands immediate attention. You may not have time to shop around, negotiate, make decisions, and fund an entire roof replacement.

Budget Limits

You may not be financially prepared to pay for a roof replacement. Making repairs can save you money and allow you to be ready to replace your roof in the future when it really needs it.

The Roof is Not Old

If your roof isn’t nearing the age of replacement, it makes more sense to make repairs and maintain your roof until it fulfills its life expectancy.

Our Repair Process

Superior products allow us to save more roofs than our South Alabama competitors combined. The roofing experts at Roof Savers are committed to doing what is right for your roof in these ways:


Our goal is to save you money by keeping the roof you already have.


We work to extend the life of your roof and help you financially prepare for future replacement.


Every roof we save and extend the life of is a roof we will replace but only when the time is right. 

Don’t let a small, isolated leak or minor damage ruin a good roof or your bank account. Ninety percent of roof replacements in the United States happen prematurely. Don’t replace your roof too soon. If you would like an honest assessment of your roof, give us a call! 

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