Roof Maxx Your Roof in alabama?

Your roof is a considerable and important investment, and knowing what to do for your roof isn’t easy. When there are signs of trouble like leaks or worn-out shingles, most people think the only options are either repairing or replacing. However, a revolutionary product is breathing new life into asphalt shingle roofs; ROOF MAXX. This technology also brings new opportunities to customers looking to save money by extending their roof’s longevity. 

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Ohio State University

Roof Maxx History

Roof Maxx was studied in a laboratory of Ohio State University, proving the benefits of this technology. The study concluded Roof Maxx’s application allowed a 17-year-old shingle to pass the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards for a new shingle. 

Since Roof Max can be applied up to three times, this treatment can add 15 years to the life of your asphalt roof for 80 percent less than the cost of a roof replacement.

Our Roof Maxx Process

The roofing professionals of Roof Savers start every project by getting to know you and your roof. We do a thorough inspection, and the information we gather allows us to determine if your roof would benefit from Roof Maxx. If granular loss is at the point where shingles are susceptible to the sun’s damaging rays, we know the roof is to the point where replacement is the best choice.

If a roof meets the requirements to be a candidate for Roof Maxx, we will perform maintenance to get your roof ready and fix whatever issues we find. Some standard maintenance we perform before applying Roof Max include:

  • Leak Repair
  • Sealing exposed nails
  • Shingle repair or replacement
  • Applying sealant to leak-prone areas
  • Repairing or replacing pipe boots

Roof Max is a wonderful alternative to replacing your roof too soon. We are a Roof Maxx certified Five Star Dealer. We replace as many roofs as our competitors, but we save more roofs than all our competitors combined. To see if Roof Maxx would be right for your roof, give us a call!

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